There exists a wealth of in depth richly explored sites, book references available to us all regarding totem animals and spirits ~ many of which we both have learned so much from along with our own personal life experiences ~ Instead of repeating much of the same information we decided to add onto what is already known about certain totems that we have personally experienced.

Aurora feels compelled to start with her very first Totem Animal that flew to her mother when Aurora was almost one ~ That majestic creature was a yearling Bald Eagle ~

Bald Eagle 

The Bald Eagle is a Sea Eagle and also the symbol for the United States of America. It isn’t actually Bald but named that for having a white head of feathers.

In Native American Cultures the Eagle is Sacred as a Spiritual Messenger one that delivers peace, fertility, honor, freedom, strength, illumination, courage & the ability to rise above all.

Bald Eagle Spirit Medicine is to teach spirit to see the HIGHEST TRUTH.  Bald Eagle teaches this by aligning balance of both Earth & Sky ~ also Sea & Earth ~ Bald Eagle Medicine reminds us that we have freedom as a birthright and that we are allowed courage to soar to great heights in our spirit life.

Bald Eagle medicine teaches spirit the power of being a loner with awesome grace & beauty ~ Eagle Medicine people are often forced to be alone as their HUGE Spirits intimidate many that misinterpret their sense of graceful power as aloofness and vanity. Eagle medicine is inherently regal with amazing visions, keen insight, heroic stamina and the highest of ascension towards understanding attaining great spirit.

During Shamanic travel Bald Eagle may escort you to the highest realms as they have the courage heighth and stamina with an expressway direct to Spirit Realm. Bald Eagle medicine is expert at Soul Retrieval. Allow this powerful Guide to track down any parts of your spirit that may be held elsewhere in realms of sorrow or fear. Bald Eagle represents Great Spirit that can retrieve your sense of self, grace, courage, ascension with great speed & efficiency.

Bald Eagle offers the gifts of stamina throughout life and the ability to soar above any earthly trouble or human confusion.

They are fierce guardians of their young that bring protection, safety, authority, sanctuary & dominance to any habitat or spirit work they involve themselves in. 

If Bald Eagle medicine is with you it is time to soar ~ Let the magnificent creature lift up up up and away to safety and freedom. They are strong significators of Angelic Shaman whose service is to reconnect Heaven & Earth whether the feathers are used as protection, spirit dance or bringing prayer up to the higher realms know that you are being directed to listen to your instinct and courage ~ Great Spirit & Heaven are communicating directly to you and perhaps thru you. Also know that your prayers are being heard as they are directly delivered to Heaven.

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45 thoughts on “BALD EAGLE TOTEM

  1. Corina Lima

    I love your website. Thank you for your wisdom and grace.
    Blessings, Corina Lima

  2. Thank You very much for this deep heartfullfilling article. I follow the totems in my life for help and guidance. We are in a rental home that is foreclosing on us. And a bald eagle flew in front of my husbands semi truck today. And went up and did not get hurt. So this article is giving me the answers I need to make the big move to Wis. Thank You. Annette

    • Oh what a sign! beautiful……. I hear that there is soul retrieval going on. there must be an aspect of your husband that he needs to retrieve for his soul to flourish. It is also a spirit guidance almost like a warning that you are missing something a guidance to your freedom that is an option you don’t see yet.

      Much Love & Spirit Guidance from Heaven through all creatures big & small.

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  4. Corynder

    I dreamed of bald eagles that were also vultures … and of going to that zoo where the moon bear cub had been taken and being embraced with great love by the bear cub when it saw me again. Have dreamed much of a moon bear cub…

    Anyway, thankyou :D

  5. Nancy Owens

    I walked with a purpose to clear my mind and arrived by a lake. As i was gazing over the water an eagle flew just above me, then it swooped down toward the water, then back up-without touching the water., At that moment the wind blew up and as I looked at the eagle I heard in my head “Nancy, It is time for you to fly” Two days before that I saw a crow just standing on the sidewalk, in the evening, and he was looking at me. Also, I am going to move to live with a man that I was crazy in love with 7 years ago and we seperated due to his additicions. When I todl him about the eagle, he said he watched parent eagles teaching the babies how to fish. He also told me he has mentored several who went on to do great in business. 7 years ago he said he is good for me and I am good for him. Also, a few days before we reconnected I heard in my head ‘you are doing everythng exactly right. don’t worry (about anything… was implied)

    Then I searched for eagle information and found this place.

    • Nancy – fly high and fly free as your soul soars to great heights with understanding of many things there are no words – I am grateful you found our post – I am sorry it took over a week to see your comment beautiful soul. May you both be blessed together and allow the freedom of the Eagle’s soaring and also the messenger from Great Spirit/God to fulfill your life and purpose. You are beautiful.

      Love & Blessings

      • Nancy Owens

        Thank you for your response. Except for my daughter, I have never been able to find a living person who see things as I do. I learn from here and there, bit by bit. I have been through many hard relationships beginning with my parents. I felt an empty hole inside until just this past year. I know the journey continures and the more joy and peace inside I contain the more I can share. Can you suggest a book?

      • Many of us are reaching out from isolation due to our sensitivities. There is a long post on our main website entitled ‘blue ray’ – it may help you <3 Other than that what book type for what are you feeling you need?

      • Nancy Owens

        I found your post on Blue Ray, and it was informative and scary because I am not ready for so much change.. it sounds a lot like me.–Yikes!
        The URL to the web site and or book on amazon was not included in the message you sent. Would you send again please?
        I would like a book about becoming more spiritual

        I can feel a connection here and I feel safe, which I seldom feel, so I will share more information; also I have a need for feedback. .

        I have had some experience with healing of others, ‘being’ with others when we are apart, and ‘calling’ people and money to me. I wake up with clear ideas and dreams of what ‘IS’ and I trust those dreams now after seeing them enough times.

        I raise pups and feel they are a GIFT of love and peace and comfort for those who buy them from me. I raise food, and I raised two children, I was a caregiver in my last relationship for two very wounded souls, and now I am going to do something similar. (care for Pat’s sister and give Pat true, sweet, pure love–like he has never had~~)

        It seems all my life I have been doing the same things, growing or bringing life into the world, caring and nurturing others.I did it for my siblings and my parents. And in the worst situations I find for myself some peace and I always have strength to go on.

        My daughter told me not to tell most people that I talk to trees and hug them, and that I listen to messages from beyond, because others will think me crazy. But she beleives also and we talk to each other about the engergy and the creativity that is unleashed.

        Yes! I need a book!

        Thank you ! Thank you! Thank you!

      • The blue ray book not on amazon yet. Emissaries of Love is but is not our book <3 It may help you understand how advanced understanding of sensitivity is well known publiclly now. And yes the hugging of trees a proven medicine for us all. The powder substance that not all can see or everyone knows about on trees helps regenerate nerve cells.
        You may also email us privately if you wish.

        Love light blessings and belief

      • Here is the url for the post – we are uploading to without the pictures soon as it has helped so many understand themselves <3 another book is entitled Emissaries of Love which we did not write.

  6. I know this post is old but I wanted to comment still. This morning while driving to work I saw a bald eagle standing on the shoulder of the road. It didn’t move as I drove passed. I decided to turn around and try to take a photo of it so I did a u-turn in the road. As I was driving back to get closer it finally flew away into a tree on the other side of the road. I raced to work to look up the meaning behind it and found this post. The second I realized what I was looking at goose bumps raised on my skin. It was amazing.

    • What an awesome story! Thank you so much for sharing – they are truly majestic messengers – May youu be blessed and follow Eagle’s guidance.

      Love & Blessings

  7. Thank you for this wonderful post! I was researching for my sister, who sees, what she believes to be, the very same young Bald Eagle on many occasions to and from her place of work on a regular basis. I told her that I felt this held some great significance for her life, but I did not know the meaning. I will share this story with her, and post it on my FB page also for others to learn from your vast knowledge and wisdom. I am very grateful to you, very much so. I look forward to sharing this with my precious sister today. I cannot thank you enough. Sending you wishes for abundant blessings for all things wonderful in your life – health, love, happiness, comfort, safety, and wishes for all your dreams to come true. Love, Deborah

  8. Shammy

    Thanks so much for having this site. I was just experiencing a process to find my Totem Animal, but completely fell asleep through the whole process only to awake right at the end. I thought to myself, “I will just have to go through this meditative process again another time to find my Animal Totem”, but then I simply heard the word “Eagle”. Initially I thought this is weird, as I have never really though about eagles, but after a while I decided to search about Eagles online and found your site.

    After reading the information about the Eagle, it seems that this may actually be my Totem, although I have requested further confirmation from my animal totem to be sure this is the case. I am definitely in a time where I need to be more courageous and fully believe in myself and my higher self’ abilities, so I feel this is the reason the Eagle has come to me. Thanks for having this information online, as it has helped me along my path :)

  9. Michael

    After several dreams over the years seeing myself as an indian boy riding a white horse on the plains, i have now found myself turning into a balded headed eagle, whereby I flew across rivers, lakes, pine forests lining the lakes, with a wonderful sense of freedom. I really feel I am the eagle, i can physically feel my feet turning to claws and my arms like wings, when i awake my shoulder ache from the flapping wings. I had been flying as an eagle and when landing changing to a medicine man and providing medicine which i had collected in the forests doing the necessary receipies for medicinal natural healing using a crucible, I gave the medicine to the village people and children who knew me and welcomed me. Because I can transform into the eagle from waking state quite easily, I asked the question of what do i look like in both forms. i was shown i am a bald headed eagle (black and white) (i had thought the eagle was brown) and the human form i was shown as tall, long white haired with red and white paint stripes on either side of my face, wearing a long garment decorated thickly with eagle feathers. As i was walking out of a village turning back into an eagle then flying over a fast moving river catching a fish and then flying into the pine forest to eat the fish. I then flew off again went high up into the mountains where there was a cave, i landed in the mouth of the cave turned back into human form and that is where i lived and made the medicines. The dreams are very vivid and I am in control and they are developing. I found your web site to try and find out what is happening to me, I found yourselves very interesting and would like to know your thoughts upon my experiences and what they are really about. These experiences began about 5 years ago and now they are becoming more vivid and stronger.

    • Love Blessings!
      These sound like past life dreams. Memories & guidance towards healing. A spirit journey while you sleep. Many are being called to remember past remedies found in nature. Learning holistic medicine is calling out to you. A medicine man is one of our guardian angels/spirit guides.

  10. colleen santillanez

    The other day I seen 2 beautiful eagles sitting on the same branch in a tree. A year ago my husband and I split after being together 14 years. Every lesson along my journey has taught me how I could have loved him better and continues my love for him even stronger than before. I was told we are twin flames. He feels the same as I but distance keeps our physicals apart. When I seen the 2 eagles sitting together, my soul said it is time to push the egos aside and love each other again. What is your input if you don’t mind? * I would also like to add that before our separation we seen a spiritual healer and after seeing her, I embarked on one heck of a journey which lead to this point of my life. I found I too was a healer and medium, I have the gift of sight and hearing. I lost the better side of my after we separated. He too is enlightened. Thank you for your time and may you be blessed always. <3

    • & so here I am today responding the day before Valentine’s. Wow. What a strong & assuring sign. I feel strongly that you have the answer in your heart. The best way to reassure you is to guide you to the umpteen articles & true stories of couples reuniting.
      One of the wisest things an old friend told me was that “sometimes we need to pull apart to comeback together stronger” We are putty, clay, dough in creators hands.
      If you wish to email Or

  11. Andrew

    I really enjoyed reading your blog post and all the comments and responses. I don’t think I’ve ever commented on any articles even though I’ve been researching almost every topic on the Internet for 10+ years.

    I grew up loving eagles. Had posters and books of them. As I became an adult I forgot about them and got rid of it all at some point. Must have figured it a childish thing. I still always had a keen interest and connection to the bird. I’ve revisited eagles numerous times but never kept a connection or acquired any new experiences or symbols.

    Last week I spent some time researching all the different aspects of eagles and found myself really desiring an interaction. I know where some live in my area and considered going to see them. But they came to see me instead. I live 25 miles from the Lake of the Ozarks and have never seen an eagle around my home or even at the lake for that matter. This morning was quite cold and windy with 30mph gusts from the north. I was sitting on the couch and my dad asked me to look at some items being blown away. I hopped up and glanced out the window only to see a bald eagle flying straight at me into the north wind with a determined look/energy. It flew a 180 around my house as I went from window to window to watch as it continued back the same way it came. I don’t believe there would be anything else it was doing up here other than giving a sign.
    I’m 30 and have been taking care of my ill father for 10 years with the last 3 being 24/7. It’s been a long cold winter… Low on energy, low on courage, and low on funds. Maybe a higher path is in store.

    Thanks for your contribution!

    • Love & strength from the highest level of spiritual path are being delivered to you from God’s messengers. Also a blessing from some family member in heaven.
      Flying in the storm might be how you feel at this time. As you care for you father & is your correct path. Sometimes it may be difficult but you will never regret it.
      Heaven blesses those that are loyal to guidance of how we are meant to live on earth. Honoring father & mother is sacred.
      Love light blessing

      Ps please pardon delay as I have had flu.

  12. Sam

    I came across your post today as I was looking for the meaning of seeing 9 bald eagles in a two hour window. Seven of those nine were in a mile stretch. I am a faithful prayer and have been asking for a sign that my prayers are bring heard. I guess they have been!

    • This occurrence makes me smile so much. Sounds like Good wanted to be sure you are sure.
      Maybe God’s Great Spirit is letting you know that many of your prayers are being answered.
      Thank you for your faith.

  13. Reblogged this on Mermaid Verse and commented:
    tonight, on my way home from Yoga Happy Hour at Inner Bliss Yoga Studio I saw a Bald Eagle flying like 25-30 feet above my car. It came out of no where. I had my moon roof open and it was so close that I could identify it.

    It was one of the coolest moments…it followed along in the same path I was going, and then began to fly south up higher into the distance. At first, I thought “wow, that is big bird. too big to be a red tail hawk and different coloring.” I could see it’s underbelly only at first, and the as it started to turn south, I could see its beautiful “bald” head. Wow. But apparently they’re seafaring birds…I guess Lake Erie is kind of like a sea… neato

    • Love& Blessings
      So sorry about delay. I have not been able to come online here.
      The message I’d see is that you are being encouraged to continue yoga & meditation. Your spirit is on ascension path❤

  14. Maggie

    In the past few weeks, during meditation & dreams, I have become the Eagle. I hear its song all day long … I soar high and see the ground below me. Its as if I shape shift. It’s becoming part of me. Then yesterday my daughter comes home from school and says that though she wanted the Otter as part of her school project, she was assigned the Eagle. It jolted me. Led me to find this great site. Thank you for your wisdom & counsel!

  15. Eagleseeker

    I have seen the eagle in a vision during a shamanic ceremony with Wachuma, since then I have seen the eagle in the physical plane as well, once standing close to a road I was driving on with its wings spread. What is funny is that I was in a bus and it seemed that nobody else on the bus noticed but me. On another instance a big bird of prey came next to our house and ate one of our chickens. I did not see it this time, most of my housemates did, but I missed it by a few moments. I cannot affirm that it was an eagle though.
    My sister had a vision and said I can call upon my eagle when I want, and since then I have been hearing physical eagles very often. But I do not know how to work with the eagle, “how to call upon” it.
    What can I do to work with the eagle? Is there a special meditation I can do? Please kindly share your viewpoint ;)
    I really want to follow the path and the medicine of the eagle. I am ready to grow spiritually (which is happening at the moment in my life) and reclaim the entirety of my power.
    Thank you for everything!

    • Love& Blessings❤
      Sounds to me that you are very connected to eagle medicinealready.
      In meditation prayer to Great Spirit ask creator to show you the purpose of earth love that he/she wishes you to convey to others. I believe he/she wishes you to deliver message. A story of faith & renewal & for you to remind others that he is always near by. For you too see it & not others means your gift of vision and story telling from past lives will help others renew their faith.
      Sorry about delay in answering. I don’t get to go on here as much as I’d like.
      Thank you.

  16. I have been seeing bald eagle everyday for the past week. Today my husband and I went to the house we want to buy and buried tobacco as a gift offering to the land/spirits. (The land has native culture and heritage) I prayed and told the spirits that we would love and honor the land and asked them for a sign if they would like us to live there. I then turned and walked a few feet and there was an eagle feather laying on the ground in front of me. I could not believe it! To be honored with such a gift from spirit, wow, I know this is where we will be moving to.

  17. Idania

    Hello everyone… I have always had a strong attraction and fascination with Eagles, I collect them in all types of material.
    But I will go even further I have had out of body experiences where I am flying on one… and it has taken me to the highest mountain I have ever seen….
    And like this many experiences… that lead me to believe that the Eagle is my animal totem spirit.
    Love my eagle.!
    Really enjoyed your post.

    • Thank you for your comment❤
      Sorry about delay in answering. I/we are not always able visit our own site.
      The eagle offers you great comfort. Spirit whispers & shows the nestling of the eagle breast with downy feathers.
      Also sharp eyes as in seeing everything.
      Much love to you.

  18. Jean

    Hello – I came to your site via google. I’ve been a bit “quiet” for a few days – we lost our older daughter at the age of 18 to leukemia – almost 4 years ago. We’ve been working hard on a 5k to honor teens fighting cancer, our younger daughter is about to turn 18 and experiencing some things she would have loved to share w/ her big sister including a coming h.s. graduation. I have felt emotions close to the surface over the past days with all this and the brink of the holiday season – yesterday the uncontrollable tears came and great sadness (they are always there) – went out back to feel nature and quiet and suddenly saw a big powerful graceful bird in flight going down the canal behind the trees – it was a bald eagle – beautiful sight, just the sight stopped me in and gazed in awe. I always think the hawks I see sometimes are a sign of a “protector”. Felt the need to look up the bald eagle and am not surprized at the connector of heaven and earth :) It’s a powerful sign for me at a rough moment.
    Thanks for reading this.

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