FALCON Angelic Shaman Totem

The Angelic Shaman Totem of the Falcon almost always refers to the Falcon’s meaning of a past life connection and protection. Expect to meet someone from a past life that you have a strong connection with. You may have been sister, brother, mother, father, friend or foe in past lives; whichever the past connection it is time for your souls to work things out. 

Falcon medicine also brings and suggests swift movement, mental agility & higher vision over all of the BIG PICTURE. Way back in history the Falcon originates as an emblem of the SUN, thus falcon medicine promises success, victory and rising up above a situation as so does the rising sun. The falcon also represents Archangel Michael as a sun symbol.

The Falcon is king of all birds & can also suggest a huntsman,  or the Germanic sky-gods Wodan & Frigg ~ also symbolizes the trickster Loki.

The Falcon can be considered a warlike symbol.

Falcon medicine promises ‘animal totem visionary ability’, wisdom and guardianship of your visions.

Falcon medicine also indicates an awakening of visions that may lead you to your life purpose or an expansion of your life purpose as in developing unseen gifts you may have learned in past lives.

The Falcon almost always carries a message of transition and change through soul growth and healing – perhaps in your craft, work, hobby, residence, sensitivities, new level of talent, new gifts of spirit being brought that will change you.

Falcons hover in slow motion over their hunting grounds & are also very patient to sit for hours watching out for prey. Once the prey has been spotted the falcon will move swiftly towards its prey.

Falcon medicine asks us to use our mind in seeing our best move BEFORE we act at an opportune moment.  It asks us to focus on precision in our decisions with strategy towards building our dreams. Sun symbols like the falcon often represent dreams that we are very passionate about in our heart. Dreams that make us happiest that maybe we have not manifested before. Spirit sends falcon to ask you to take part in your own dream by  researching and planning strategy as pursuing a hunt.

The Falcon shows deepest of majestic mystery… the grace to fly alone with the dignity of knowing that not all men & women know all facts on Earth so they may not understand the solitary flight amidst the highest spheres. The falcon whispers of old secrets of our soul… The falcon reveals the skill in being able to select your nourishment (prey or food) or choose your life battles while letting others go in grace that our creator has a plan for all…. & that deep knowing that true rewards are from & known in the Heavens beyond the comprehension of some but including all….

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45 thoughts on “FALCON Angelic Shaman Totem

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  3. Wanda Leigh Rains

    Falcon medicine came to me today, thank you for your teachings!

    • Love Blessings Wanda!

      for some reason this comment did not appear for a weeks or 2 actually! Sorry for the delay. Thank you so very much for commenting.I am grateful that others may benefit from my experience. You are very welcome. I ‘hear’ today you have porcupine medicine around you. I don’t have a post on hegdehog/porcupine yet but I know it means a great protection – self protection and also self-acceptance of unique qualities.

  4. Angelique

    For weeks now I have been seeing a Black Shoulderd Kite when I go for my walk along the coast cliffs…. twice hovering in full arched attack position in the sky and several times flying over me. Once I was hoping to see it on my walk and within minutes of beginning it flew straight for me and circled above my head 3 times stopping to hover on each sweep before flying off into sun. I feel incredibly blessed to have these experiences. Your explanation of Falcon medicine resonates very deeply with me. Thank you.

    • Welcome blessed soul. You are being blessed and protected.

      It is too hot to leave the house where we live in desert this time of ear so I have not visited much. Love & blessings ..

  5. Zoe

    Great post thank you a white Falcon came to me in a dream was petting her she wanted to be with me..then I saw Falons fly over me when I take my son to school

    • How gorgeous! You are being shown how blessed & guided you are! Also a messgae to keep a dream journal. You may be inspired to create additional artwork. Your son may also be guided towards creating spiritual art.

  6. I don’t know how, but my husband and I think we’ve just seen a white falcon in Yorkshire, UK, whilst driving home. It was flying, well, swooping from side to side, along the road with use for about a mile, then it disappeared above some trees. We’re no bird experts, but it was definitely a bird of prey and it was white underneath, with some dark mottling around the shoulders (not sure if birds have shoulders:-) but this area anyway). I’ve googled birds of prey of the British Isles but can’t see anything that looks like what we saw. I’m amazed! Especially since 3 weeks ago I bought Medicine Cards and started taking animal guides seriously. Thanks for this post. It gives me a lot to think about.

    • How beautiful!!!!! Might it have been a larger Kestral or Snowy Owl? Sounds like such a vision soaring above the stark yet rich moors. For whatever type of bird of prey it was it is a serendipitous sign for our journey learning animal totems as messages from Great Spirit God.


  7. Lora

    A falcon just landed in my front yard. I reside in northern Illinois. On occasion I have a hawk that comes to my window ledge and will also sit atop the window bushes looking at me in the window whilst on my laptop. But today a falcon! Beautiful. Just sat there on the grass , as it is storming here now and staring at me in the window. I told it to go under protective cover as the storm is getting worse and it flew away to a pine tree. I have numerous birds around that I feed i.e.sparrows, robins, cardinals.
    What do you make of hawks and now falcons coming to my yard and looking at me through the window?

    • Beautiful! I’d see & feel this as some sort of graduation in your assimilation of spiritual knowledge. Congratulations. God’s/Great Spirit’s messengers are enjoying your ascended frequency or vibration as some call it. You have much to offer those around you in wisdom.

  8. Liana

    Hi, I wanted to thank you for your information. I like your website which I found researching falcon symbolism. I dreamt of a beautiful and dark smooth falcon head carving that looked like a totem head. Some days ago I spotted a large bird, though not a falcon, eating the seeds I leave the small birds. I welcomed him and hoped he wouldn’t scare the rest away. I haven’t seen him since and it seems a coincidence with the dream now :) Love and light :)

    • Spiritual wisdom from many lifetimes ago are pouring into our life. They come from a time when man and nature were truly united with the same pulse of heart beat. Falcon comes to you as a reminder and encourager to let that sacred energy & wisdom pour through you and into all that you touch. You are a sacred channel of heaven’s energy onto earth.
      love & blessings

  9. Grant Henry

    For the last seven years we have had a Peregrine Falcon Visiting us on a daily basis. He/She comes everyday and bathes in our pool. We have had occasional visits from a young Red Tailed Hawk and a Great Horned Owl, but the Falcon is the only consistent visitor. We feel very blessed that it feels comfortable in our home and has done so for so many years.

    • Oh how beautiful. The are such amazing animals. Your home must be blessed with wise & warm energy ~ The trees must hold deep & sacred knowledge where words cannot explain. Also a past life where a falcon trainer was your forte.
      Blessings of Love & Light & Wisdom

  10. Earlier this year I woke up to a peregrine falcon calmly sitting in my backyard wall. When I realized what it was I stared at it for a couple seconds and it stared at me. I got to a couple feet in front of it and then it calmly flew away. What do you think that meant? For it to land in my backyard in a busy city and in an apartment complex made me wonder. Thank you so much for your time! <3

    • what a treat for you! sounds like you had a temporary visitor resting during migration but also bringing you a message of rapid flight. is there someone that you’ve been meaning to go visit? if so do so whether via Spirit or actual travel. you may also travel in your dreams. follow any spirit guidance that have to do with white spirit. Love&Blessings

    • this totem can also be messages from the spirit world from a loved one who wishes to assure you you are not alone.

  11. Zzpriestess

    Thank you , I saw a falcon on new years day , I am guessing this is the engery bring me I to the new year

  12. Patrick

    Wow. I was just having a conversation with my dad about my mom, and how much pain she caused the family. The whole time we were talking about this, I kept bringing up the fact that we all made a contract to be here together and affect each other the way we did, I was telling my dad, that my mom will change in this lifetime and that is why she is taking so much out on the family. She is releasing all the old programming through us, and that we have to be strong, remember to allow forgiveness into our hearts, always love, and look at this situation with what is happening in our family from a higher perspective. It ended with a soul level of understanding. Shortly after I decided I needed some fresh air to reconnect with my higher-self, but now, not in a way about talking/thinking about the past, but putting out thanks, understanding, and love to all beings who are helping me/us through this process of awakening and total change(and all beings in general as well), and also to reaffirm my connection with the light and love and my true soul path. I thanked mother earth for her beauty and calling me/us to live on this magical planet and I also thanked the angelic realm several times for all their help. Shortly after I see this beautiful bird(which moments later I see is a falcon)gliding, right within view behind a row of pine trees in the front of our house, and it turns at an almost 90 degree angle in my direction to fly past another pine tree right near our house. I immediately made a connection and came on the the internet to find falcon symbolism, and now I know what the falcon was, spiritually, trying to convey. Thank you for this wonderful information, because it definitely helped. I just turned 18 and hopefully sometime soon, i’ll see MOST of this family drama dissipate so the majority of us get along. Thanks again. I send lots of love and light to you all.

    • oh how blessed! and you so young to see such depth. Life is a journey and hopefully we all grow every year even as adults. Prayers and angelic love blessings.

  13. Patti

    As I looked up today a Falcon was on a line in my yard . I immediately noticed and recognized its presence ! Here in Fort Lauderdale fla I have not seen one as of this day . It reappeared 2 times in a matter of 10 min . Felt like a sign . Trying to asses that . I did read about Falcon power and meaning of the presence . I am grateful to have seen it . Thank you for sharing this info .
    Peace & Happiness

    • The falcon can mean so many things but feel this was a spiritual visit for you. An ancestor. Someone you never met in this life time. A guardian angel of God that is yours and you have not been aware of. They may be ‘re incarnation into your life in one way or another. If you recognize this very old & wise soul you will be guided to its presence when the time comes. This is not your imagination. This is pure direct guidance.

  14. Kerri

    Hello. I live in Australia in the suburbs and never see birds such as falcons around here. There was a massive thud on our window and i looked to see a falcon lying on it’s back and my heart sank at the sight of such a beautiful creature struggling. I went to get my daughter and when we returned it was standing up. It just stared for a few seconds then flew off. It seemed strong and healthy. I love the meaning of seeing falcons but concerned that it wasn’t in a peaceful way in this situation. Love and light, Kerri

    • Love & blessings,

      I feel this is a direct & precise message to admire yourself in your own reflection your mirror with all of its falcon like qualities. I feel you are much more intuitive, perceptive of the supernatural than you realize it maybe more than others realize.
      Beautiful blessings.

  15. smiles & hearts

  16. Kari

    I’m clairaudient (working on honing that skill…), but yesterday I heard “falcon.” So I got up to do some research and your post came up. So thankful for the information. It all resonates with me very strongly right now. A great help it’s been.


  17. andy

    Spirit has graced me much today through your guided writings here. thank you for mirroring my experiences to me with greater clarity. thank you for providing a channel through which Spirit and i can meet today.

    great peace to you, as you have generously employed your gifts to guide me to Spirit’s Peace in this hour..

    • Andy❤
      Sincerest apologies for not being able to answer your exquisite comment sooner.
      Spirit guidance assures you of an answer to a deep silent question in your soul’s heart where you could never find the words. Wisdom from past lives and a grand love as in romance from the past of many lifetimes resonate at your very core.
      Beautiful heart & soul, breathe deep in meditation & know as many others depths awaken with clearer insight you will never be alone.
      Much love.

  18. Ghostmommy

    Falcon sat with me and my son today at my medicine wheel next to a creek. Last night I saw an Indian Grandmother in need and I sat with her. Todays appearance of the falcon has some connection to last nights meeting .

    • You are being guided through transition with ancient spirit knowledge. Listen in silence to the wind.
      “Falcon medicine asks us to use our mind in seeing our best move BEFORE we act at an opportune moment.”

      Bless you.

  19. Thank you for your detailed information about Falcons. I had a most unusual reason for researching the symbolism of Falcon. A foreign magazine arrived at my correct address with a foreign name on it about seven days ago. There is a woman holding agorgeous white Arctic Falcon on the front cover. I put it to the side of my desk with other magazines–but I continue to be mesmerized by its regal beauty. In my meditation vision three days after its arrival, I saw three birds: A white owl carrying a book in its beak; an eagle carrying a withered rose; and a falcon carrying a gold ring. They were flying swiftly all together away from the sunset into an amazing light. My mother is ill–so I thought maybe it had to do with her, however, the vision did not feel sad—it felt very powerful and I felt humbled, reverent, and full of overflowing gratitude upon coming out of the meditation. As I mentioned, that was about 4 days ago. I am asking if I am supposed to do anything but I’m not getting a clear answer. Or, possibly, I am not understanding.
    Blessings & love,

    • Blessings Sima❤
      The description of these events & visions feel like a highly specialised experience for you with a strong message of purifying past life happenings.
      The symbolism is that of renewal, rebirth, lightness of being overcoming density of fear.
      These birds of prey (pray) also offer you ways to elevate your spirit energy that remain mysteries to some.
      Some books contain accurate spiritual guidance. Rose essence in any form raises vibration, gold strengthens and is used as physical & spiritual antibiotic.
      How ill is your mother?
      Was it a vision of healing or transformation?

      Love & Light

    • Sacred Blessings Sima,

      Difficult and strange stage of life we all must go through. Aurora’s mother passed in 2005 at 75. She wanted to live a few years longer to be with her grandchildren. No one availed her of natural alternative treatments while morphine accelerated her cancer growth. Maybe it had already progressed too far.
      The reason I share this is to let you know I have felt like you.
      Ultimately it is your mother’s choice if she is mentally able to make this choice with the advice of physicians or maybe consult with an ayurvedic doctor licensed or other licensed natural doctor..

      I have read about Frankincense Resin (Boswellia Serrata) and also Inositol commonly found in vitamins but I am not a medical doctor.

      The visions you experienced could also be interpreted as her transition or rebirth into ‘Heaven’.. If it is her time then although it is heart wrenching at least you will be assured that she is following her path and will always maintain contact with you.

      Much Love & Compassion

  20. kite

    7 yr relationship failed.I hd dedicated my time for uplifting poorer people.She wanted a real life and asked me to move on.Had left my comforts for this task.Suddenly, felt lost, alone, madness.No sleep and in the morning went for a walk.Saw a black kite in pain writhing on the bush floor.Supposedly a human kite had hit its wings.I touched it and gave it water.It was going to die.But then it stood up and made screaching noises and went into a trance, like it wanted to live.Someone took it to the vet.Since then, kites follow me.Swoop, hear its morning cries and see it fly into the sun.A month later, a black kite feather was on my path.I took it and made an amulet..perspectives changed.Nothing more to say.

    • kite

      As a continuation of my above post.I asked the flying kites who were in the group to show their ancestor spirit.Saw a black kite with a pure white underbelly.I hvnt seen these kindoff colors on a black kite.On that same day..I saw this white bellied kite twice..among other kites.In the morning and then noon.Dont know if I am making things up, coincidence or just a feeling.

      • ( continuation of answer)

        Ying & Yang – black & white. Are they showing you where your true love soul mate is?
        Another possibility is spirit is showing you that darkness has left your life.

        Angelic Love to you.

    • Blessings ❤
      Experience was messenger of your own emotional recovery. They remind you that you will recover from your pain.

      Love & Light

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